Solving The World’s Most Pressing Challenges Through Purpose and Innovation

YES BRAND PLEASE is a platform dedicated to empowering forward-thinking leaders to transform societal purpose, disruptive technologies, SDGs and collaboration into business innovation and brand value of the future.

It represents an attitude and is backed by a global collective of industry leaders, domain experts, digital innovators, partners and international non-governmental institutions. Together we foster the next generation of impact driven brands and businesses.

Doing Good Is Doing Global Business


Thought Leadership


Digital disruption, the need to constantly innovate businesses as well as rising socio-economical affects of climate change demand a new mindset, scalable social impact solutions, new business ecosystems and new management approaches.

Through talks, curated panels, content and research projects, we connect forward-thinking leaders and open minds with opportunities to be inspired, to exchange thought provoking insights, and to learn from existing impact leaders and market developments.



Social impact has proven economic and competitive advantages to companies. Our team of acclaimed experts consults you on how to get there. Receive market recognition and create sustainable value by fully leveraging the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and innovation strategies for your existing business.

We help you create a sound strategy, KPIs and a flexible management game plan for improving existing or entering new impact business ecosystems in developed or in developing markets.



In YES BRAND PLEASE Co-Labs, companies, organizations, scientists, startups, creatives and experts from its global network come together, get a place and a process to collaboratively create impact solutions, products or businesses. In order to accelerate those incubations, YES BRAND PLEASE taps into its international network of partners.

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