Yes brand, please …

rethink what business success means in the future,
have the guts to think and act bold,
surprise with value beyond selling to people,
have a purpose that serves societies and humanity,
go for meaningful innovations,
build open systems – not closed ones,
challenge yourself and don’t stand still,
make collaboration part of your culture,
embrace diversity and boost creativity,
foster relationship not ownership,
commit to a shared, sustainable future.

Yes, it’s about time for a new generation of
brand leaders, innovators and businesses!


Equal parts data research arm, strategic advisory and impact development platform, YES BRAND PLEASE is a hybrid established with the mission to empower leaders of lifestyle and technology brands to create and invest in the most valuable assets of the future:

– advanced technologies with cross-industry and societal impact
– business models with a meaningful purpose
– and future-oriented social impact ecosystems

Dedicated to its purpose, YES BRAND PLEASE assembles a disruptive collective of innovators, experts, advisors, movers and shakers from the fields of technology, science, business, culture, art, finance and non-governmental institutions across Europe, Northern America, Asia and Africa.

YES BRAND PLEASE creates own ventures and initiatives to propel the movement. Brands have access to its full impact-as-a-Service capacities, ranging from strategy, management, impact development, business design and growth, exclusive partnerships.

For inquiries send an email at
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Nadine Bruder

Awarded strategist and creative mind with an exceptional “growth, tech, design & science mindset” as well as 11+ years of experience working with C-level/leading managers of international technology and lifestyle companies, founders and investors on digital business strategy, product/service innovation, revenue streams, ecosystem growth, business development, strategic partnerships and brand vision.