Yes brand, please …

rethink what business success means,
have the guts to think and act bold,
surprise with value beyond selling to people,
have a purpose that serves societies and humanity,
go for meaningful innovations,
build open systems – not closed systems,
challenge yourself and don’t stand still,
make collaboration part of your culture,
embrace diversity and boost creativity,
foster relationship not ownership,
commit to a shared, sustainable future.

Yes, it’s time for a new generation of
brand creators, innovators and businesses!

About Us

YES BRAND PLEASE is a platform celebrating change makers who rethink the purpose of brands and the way how business is done.

Our mission is to foster a new, inclusive generation of brand creators, innovators and businesses that drive meaning, humanity, diversity and sustainable impact in our digitally and environmentally transformative environments.

We do this through a variety of original productions, expert and shareable content across platforms, insights and talks we give.

The Woman Behind

Nadine Bruder – Awarded brand and business strategist, based in Berlin, home and working internationally

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