Yes brand, please …

rethink what business success means in the future,
have the guts to think and act bold,
surprise with value beyond selling to people,
have a purpose that serves societies and humanity,
go for meaningful innovations,
build open systems – not closed ones,
challenge yourself and don’t stand still,
make collaboration part of your culture,
embrace diversity and boost creativity,
foster relationship not ownership,
commit to a shared, sustainable future.

Yes, it’s about time for a new generation of
brand leaders, innovators and businesses!

About Us

Equal parts strategic advisory, business ecosystem incubator and experiential platform,
YES BRAND PLEASE is a hybrid created to increase business innovation, digital growth and user retention of lifestyle
and technology brands by helping them invest in the most valuable assets of the future:

– technologies with cross-industry and societal impact
– young talents craving for businesses with a meaningful purpose
– and future-oriented ecosystem value creation

We therefore work closely with internationally renown scientific institutions, innovations hubs and investment companies in Europe, Northern America and Asia.
Our team and networks span San Francisco – New York – Stockholm – Berlin – Munich – Abu Dhabi – Tokyo.

Our mission is to foster a new generation of brand leaders, innovators and businesses
that drive sustainable impact in our digitally and environmentally transformative societies.

For inquiries send us an email at
hello (@)