2 Day Bootcamp
“Brand Building and Value Creation in the Digital Era”

This 2 day intensive bootcamp-like workshop is a short cut into the future of brand building strategies, value creation in digital era and future marketing, responding to disruptive technologies, new user behaviors, business innovations and cross-channel storytelling.

It provides a new generation of leaders with the mindset, know-how, frameworks, tools and the network to solve business innovation and marketing transformation in disrupted, rapidly changing environments.

Tailored to brand managers, marketing managers, product managers, innovation managers and CEOs who want to accelerate on brand and innovation.

Hosted in English or German by Nadine Bruder

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The Host, Nadine Bruder

Nadine Bruder – a 10+ years experienced strategist with a track record driving strategic business and digital innovations, building awarded brands as well as strategizing product innovations for leading technology and lifestyle companies and startups across the globe. Innovators say Nadine is ahead of her time, she considers herself being a catalyst for people and companies, showing them how to make the next leap and innovate.

Her forte is her “science & technology mindset“ paired with her strong empathy and passion for design and engaging user experiences.

Nadine collaborates with top-notch creatives, innovators, technologists, corporates and startups in Europe, Asia and in North America. Her client roaster encompasses big brands such as Ford, Kickstarter, B-REEL, MAN, Vodafone, and her brand strategy work was honored with several renowned design awards.

What You Get Out Of It

The bootcamp is tailored to the needs of professionals with 3+ years experience as marketer, product manager, brand strategist and executives alike looking to accelerate their knowledge about value creation in digital era, future brand building strategies, marketing innovations and digital business transformation.

Attendees will anticipate a new mindset, learn actionable, forward thinking frameworks and industry insights, be inspired with real brand cases, and build meaningful relationships with other top practitioners.

The combination of lectured insights, case studies from international lifestyle and technology brands, live Q&As with experts and hands-on, collaborative group sessions will facilitate a rigorous yet engaging learning experience to prepare leaders to cut through in digital realms and to make their brands stand out from the competition.

During the bootcamp attendees will not only learn how to harness the power of collaboration for innovation across disciplines. They will also learn how to innovate while simultaneously increasing their brand asset and value.

Note: The bootcamp can be hosted in English and German. Case studies and experts insights are in English.

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Learn how to identify and harness opportunities to create brand and business value in digital landscapes

The Experience

Think TED Talks On Steroids Meet Agile Development Sprints

Lectured insights, tools and live experts

Learn how emerging technologies, millennials and consumer trends affect brand building strategies and business value creation. Get first-hand insights from industry experts, Q&As and carefully curated best practices from international technology and lifestyle brands.

Immersive methods to amplify learnings

Experience technologies first-hand, explore brand and user experiences and put learnings into action in interactive group sessions. As seats are limited, you’ll get the comfort of small, intimate groups.

A real challenge to tackle together as a team

Pull up your sleeves, group together and work on a brand challenge curated by either Nadine Bruder or by your company. Harness collaborations across disciplines and present your solution to other participants.

What To Expect

Day 1

Disruptive Technologies & Business Innovations

Learn about emerging technologies and their affects on business value creation and brand building strategies

Understand millennials/gen z and ways to engage with them

Understand the anatomy of a contemporary, digital brand

Building The Brand & Marketing Ecosystem I

Get introduced to forward thinking and actionable frameworks for value creation and digital brand building strategies

Group session

Day 2

Cutting Through In Digital Realms

Discuss best cases of brand building, marketing strategies and experience design

A Tribe Called Brand

Learn how to create engaging brand/customer experiences and long-term value in a digitized world

Explore how the beginning “post social media revolution” affects brand building strategies

Building The Brand & Marketing Ecosystem II

Group sessions

Invest In Your Brand Today

Building a strong brand asset that can be worth up to 50% of your company’s value can prove pretty challenging in the digitized world in which the need to innovate and to collaborate has become the default state. In addition, building networked ecosystems and the ability of organizations to work flexibly across disciplines and industries are fundamental to stay ahead in the game.

Every business today is facing disruptive business transformation, fragmented marketing channels, increasing mobile consumption, lower customer loyalty, artificial intelligence, automation, virtual and augmented reality, Internet of Things – just to name a few of the challenges.

Invest in your company with the “Brand Building and Value Creation in Digital Era” bootcamp today.

Seek a brand asset worth up to 50% of your company’s value

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The “Brand Building And Value Creation in the Digital Era” bootcamp has been designed to get a new international breed of brand, marketing and product leaders 
the know-how, frameworks, tools and mindset they need to succeed in a
 rapidly changing digital world.

The bootcamp fee varies depending on the number of attendees and optional customization requests by you. Group discount available. Let’s talk about your goals and discuss further design and content of the bootcamp session.

Location / Facilities

The bootcamp can be hosted at your company if you have fully equipped facilities that fit the interactive format of the bootcamp.

Or just plan the 2 day bootcamp as a company offsite event in Berlin or in Basel where we partner with providers that offer matching workshop locations.

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Just send an email with your desired dates, number of attendees and telephone number at the email address below. I will set up a phone call with you thereafter and we discuss things in more detail.

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